Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Decor Sneak Peak

I realized something this weekend. After Hubsey and I got home from our Thanksgiving travels, I dug out the Christmas decorations, ready to bedazzle the house with holiday cheer. Make it festive! Sing some Christmas carols! Wheee!

Except that the stuff we used in the condo is suuuuuper lame in a bigger house. Definitely not enough stuff to go around. Before we moved, we really only decorated one room and the tree carried most of the load. This time we have a dining room, a kitchen, and a family room that people hang out in, and while going for a Santa's Workshop look might be overkill, some festivity in all of the main living areas would be good.

Sheet music garland still going strong after 3 years.

Oh yeah, and a porch! I keep forgetting about the porch. Aside from getting the tree up, I did manage to stick some stuff on the front of the house.

We inherited those giant planters from the previous owners, and I seem to have developed a knack for killing things that grow in them. And then the pumpkins I put in there for Halloween got devoured by squirrels (rude), so apparently something non-plant is what I need.

Hello, little gold reindeer! Don't you look comfy on your bed of moss!

My new friends were 50% off at Michaels this weekend, making them $5 each.

We also scored a wreath my mom didn't want, but it was too thick to fit between the storm door and the regular door. I guess the previous owners had the same problem, because there was already a nail in the siding next to our house number. Boo ya.

So outside there's some fun, but the interior is still pretty naked. I rounded up a few things at IKEA, among other places, and plan to get everything ready in the next couple of days. I'll show you the tree then, too, but in the meantime here's a preview:

Yes, more pine cones. But these have glitter!

I'm excited.

Have you started decorating for the holidays? Do you have a theme to stick to, or is it a free-for-all? What's your favorite seasonal item?


  1. Obviously you find the cutest stuff to decorate your house for the holidays. Can't wait to see the final look! And can't wait to see you on Friday!

  2. We haven't started decorating yet. We really need to buy some new things because we got rid of a lot of ornaments, the tree, and other things when we moved the time before last. I love those reindeer and the wreath! :)

  3. I put garland, fresh greens, and a wreath over the mantle/fireplace and pulled out my vintage Santa collection this weekend. I go a little overboard with holiday decorating, so I'm waiting a few more days for the rest. I love those deer in the moss! Pretty wreath too!

  4. Your deer look great in the planters!
    I've officially taken over the corner where we put our tree with a work table, so I'm not sure how much decorating I'm going to get done this year!

  5. Sheet music garland!! I love it. I made a fall garland this year so I've been thinking about winter/holiday garlands now. That just made my list. Now that we have a house, we're expanding our Christmas decor, too.

  6. LOVE the garland! And pine cones with glitter. =0)
    Squirrels are very rude, I've found out the hard way too...
    Your decorations look great so far. We haven't started decorating yet, but will probably do that this weekend.

  7. I think your gold deer look pretty happy in their new planter homes! I'm obsessed with pine cones too :).

  8. My house is a freakin' free for all! I wish to start decorating right after Thanksgiving but my boyfriend is a stick in the mud. This year December 1st falls on a Saturday so that is our plans for this weekend. :) Seems like Michaels started really early marking down their holiday decor stuff.