Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Handmade Holidays: Do It Yourself

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Today marks the beginning of the Handmade Holidays series! Over the next several weeks I'll have a handful of guest bloggers popping in to share some awesome handmade gift ideas. Nancy is here today with some examples of great gifts she's made personally. You can read more about her DIY adventures on her blog, and be sure to check out her cute Etsy shop. Nancy, the floor is yours!


I'm a firm believer that no matter how you evaluate yourself on the crafty or creative scale, a handmade gift always reads as more meaningful to recipients.  Handmade gifts require an extra amount of thought, time, and sometimes even money (depending on your resourcefulness or intrest in materials). I've always enjoyed making handmade gifts for friends and family year round, but for the holidays it seems intimidating and like a lot of work.  It doesn't have to be!  Work on gifts here and there throughout the year, pick just a few people who will receive them each year, or supplement something store bought with something small that you made for each person on your list.

I've created a gift guide of many items that I've made for those on my list in the last few years that I'd like to share with you today.  Feel free to replicate, alter, or be inspired to create something of your own!  Click the links to find out more about each project including where I sourced the patterns.

Handmade Gift Ideas:
1. Herringbone Cowl- If you've got a knack for knitting or crocheting, stitching up a hat, cowl, scarf, or mittens can be a lovely gift for adults and kids alike.  This pattern shown is by The Purl Bee, and makes for quite a lovely quick knit.
2. Kid's Reversible Cape- This is one of those things that works for boys and girls (the link also shows a girl's version).  What kid doesn't love a cape?  Or dressing up?
3. Beaded Wrap Bracelet- I'm no jeweler.  But, there are so many great tutorials out there, like this one, why not try your hand at a simple project like this one?  It's quick and relatively painless.
4. Knit, Crocheted, or Sewn Stuffed Toy-  I LOVE making stuffies.  These are a great gift idea for a boy or girl of any age!  And with so many designs out there, you can really find something specific to what each kid's interests.  I've even made a stuffed Hulk toy before!
5. Little Boy Ties- Every little boy should have a man tie.  And when they're this easy, quick, and cheap to make, every little boy should have a homemade man tie.
6. Reversible Skirt & Newsboy Hat- Clothes for Christmas?  Yea, well the kids may wish for toys, but these two patterns are just way too cute not to gift anyway!
7.  Doodle Bag- Have a coloring aficionado or an art buff?  I love this bag for kids of all ages.  Again, this could be a unisex gift.  It makes for a great way to keep coloring supplies organized for the car, travel, school, play dates, or just at home.  My niece loves hers:)

Handmade Gift Wrap: 
1. Card Stock Gift Box Tutorial- I'm one of those people who thinks, if you don't have it, make it!  One year I found myself in short supply of boxes, and large supply of cute card stock so to work I got.  It really does look cuter than anything you'd get at a store.  The bonus is that you don't have to actually wrap the box, so it looks neat, and is reusable. 
2. Stuffed Heart Gift Tags- I love adding fancy gift tags to presents. It really makes your gift pop, and people notice!  

I hope you've been inspired by this list! Why not commit to making at least one gift this year for the holidays?


  1. Awesome! I especially love the handmade gift wrap.

  2. Nancy has made so many awesome gifts! Her family and friends are so lucky! And I love how she boxes them and with handmade wrapping too! Those tags are SO cute!

  3. I LOVE handmade holidays!!! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  4. Ooooh! Can I be added to your Christmas gift list? ;)
    Such lovely handmade things...your friends and family are lucky.

  5. Thanks for having me today! And yes, while my handmade list has exploded, I thought it might be fun to do some sort of a bloggy handmade gift swap. Perhaps next year!

  6. I love Nancy's work. The little elephant is just too cute!

  7. Nancy has such creative handmade gift ideas, especially for kids. Thanks for letting her share them today!

  8. Nancy, these are great! I always make some handmade gifts. The stuffed heart tag is very cute!

  9. Thanks Nancy for all the good ideas!

  10. Very fun! Great gifts and unique ways to wrap them, too!

  11. I can't wait to see more posts in this series! I really like the idea of making your own boxes. I love making handmade things for Christmas.

    <3 Melissa

  12. Lots of cool stuff Nancy, and I love your handmade packaging. Thanks for sharing.
    Everyday Inspired