Thursday, November 29, 2012

Handmade Holidays: Tiny Humans!

Guys, we are ROLLING through these Handmade Holidays topics! Hopefully you're getting all sorts of inspired. Today Diana is here with adorable and eco-friendly gifts for the kids in your life. You can read more about being green (and vegan!) over on her blog. In the meantime, behold the cuteness:


hey everybody!
my name is dianapantz & i am here today to share a few of my *favorite* eco- // green // responsible kids gift ideas. i live in minneapolis with my cute man-friend, blake & our 11-month old rescue pup, daphne!
we ride our bikes [even in the winter!], eat a lot of vegan cupcakes & hang out at the library.

we have also worked with kids out entire lives [25 years, combined!!]. we have played with a lot of awesome toys & quite a few lame ones.
today, i want to share seven of the coolest toys for the holiday season. no batteries. no gender roles. no toxic plastic & chemicals. just some good ol' imagination & awesomeness!! all while supporting small, handmade shops. 

1) toy : tobbles stacking toy [found in the museum of modern art gift store]
age : 2 & up
price : $25.00
find it : here
fun fact : this purchase [and every purchase from the gift store] helps support the museum of modern art!]

2) toy : 1920's flapper paper doll set
age : 4 & up
price : $15.00
find it : here

3) toy : wooden toy transportation memory game
age : 2-6
price : $26.00
find it : here
fun fact : little sapling toys plants a tree for EACH toy sold!! 
also, games like this are great for recall, pre-reading skills, concentration, reasoning and fine motor skills.

4) toy : wooden bowling set [with penguins!]
age : 18mo & up
price : $27.00
find it : here
fun fact : smiling tree toys donates money from every purchase for childrens education programs!
also, all toys are finished with homemade beeswax [i love that!]

5) toy : boy cloth doll
age : all ages
price : $33.00
find it : here
fun fact : dolls are the best toys ever! i think every boy & girl on the planet deserve a sweet doll of their own.
also, cleo & poppy can take a picture of YOUR child & make a doll that looks the same!

6) toy : felt fox mask & tail play set [this is my FAVE!]
age : 2 & up
price : $30.00
find it : here
fun fact : the tail is stuffed with repurposed plastic bags! [what a great way to repurpose!]

7) toy : hand-drawn color sorting toy
age : birth & up
price : $34.95
find it : here
fun fact : this set is loosely based on the shambhala buddhist toy set! 
this toy is great for matching, sorting and sensory skills.

there you have it!
fun, right?!
people are so incredibly talented. i love it.

tell us : what kids // toy shops do you love?
and feel free to stop over on my blog & say hey!


  1. I love the fox dress up set and the paper dolls! When I was little I was obsessed with paper dolls. I had a special book of Shirley Temple ones at my grandmother's house to cut our and play with.

  2. We have that memory set from Little Sapling Toys. It's great, and there are several different themes, so you can expand the set if you want a larger game. Those are some great choices!

  3. I love that wooden bowling set! Super cute. These are great toy ideas. =0)

  4. Lots of cute stuff! The paper dolls sure bring back a lot of memories.
    Everyday Inspired

  5. My niece would love the paper dolls and the fox mask is so cute!
    Of course I like the memory game :)

  6. I love creative kid toys! What a great round up.