Friday, September 28, 2012

Pinterest #35

Continuing our tradition of having busy weekends, our housewarming party is on Sunday! When we set the date about a month ago, we had a big list of stuff we wanted to buy/paint/fix between then and now, and it's been kind of hilarious to see how much we actually had time for. Hint: not much. We've managed to hang some artwork and buy an Expedit.

But that's okay! Nobody will know what isn't done anyway, so I'm just going to chill with my coffee and show you what I liked on Pinterest this week.

First, I sure wouldn't mind if my living room looked like this. Well, if I had a living room; we just have one of the family variety. I dig the ampersand pillow:

I've been seeing a lot of mercury glass in stores lately, but here's a tutorial for making your own with clear glass, spray paint, and white vinegar. Genius! As soon as I have a second, I'm trying it:

Pumpkin spice lattes hold a special place in my heart, so it won't shock anyone that I'm also ingrigued by pumpkin spice hot white chocolate:

Those who follow me on Instagram (username littlenostalgia--whaddup?) might have seen my plate wall planning yesterday. It's going in the dining room and while we're not doing a crescent shape, I think that idea looks amazing here:

And finally, this bird blouse is not only adorable, but it's on sale. And because it's black I automatically think it's awesome and want it in my closet. I've been wearing a lot of color lately and I feel the darkness calling:

I do still need to get those aforementioned plates on the wall, and maybe I should go work on some jewelry orders before I get up to my eyeballs in that. I have a feeling it will take me a while...

What are you up to this weekend? Any plate-hanging tips for me?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Design School Update

College 2.0 continues and I have a new drawing class this semester: Perspective Techniques. Instead of drawing floor plans and elevations like I did in drafting, this one tackles 3D views of rooms and furniture:

It looks relatively simple in the end, but it's really a multi-step process. Here's a peek at my latest project, about halfway through:

What you're looking at is three pieces of tracing paper, all taped on top of each other--which is why it seems blurry. The bottom layer is my grid and walls, the middle is what I call "boxing out" my furniture, and on the top layer I've started the styling. After I rough out all of my pieces (I don't have many left) I'll put a piece of vellum on top and trace everything with my drafting pencils. Sound time consuming? It is. I'm curious to see how different (read: faster) this will be when I start learning CADD.

To jog your memory, this is what I did before:

Hopefully I'll have more finished pictures to show you in a couple of weeks. I suppose I could've snapped some from my other class, art history, but I think you know what a pile of textbooks and a cranky Paige looks like.

Are you in school? How's it going? Anybody else in a drawing class?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY: Cardboard Letters

So. The last DIY project I did was my yellow ring holder in June. And then I wrote a post six weeks ago about how I needed to get back in the crafty saddle, and found myself all sorts of fun ideas on Pinterest. I was going to make things for the house! For friends! For birthdays! Well it took me until yesterday to actually get on that, but I finally busted out another project. There's no stoppin' this train.

I saw this on the all-knowing Pinterest (of course) and also Marilyn's blog, and knew it would be a good project for getting back into a groove. It's easy, I had all of the materials, and it's something I could make for shows when I have to fill a larger tent. Plus I had that cardboard P sitting in the studio for months and never got around to making it pretty.

Here's what I used:

Not pictured: the paint. Duh, Paige.

--a cardboard letter
--scrapbook paper
--paint and paintbrush
--rubber cement

The first thing I did was trace the letter on the back of the paper. You could also do it on the front, but my pattern was a little busy for that. Next I cut out the tracing, going slightly inside the lines. I did this because when you trace the outside of something, the line you get is a little larger than the actual perimeter. I wanted my paper letter to fit on top of the cardboard, so I cut it a tad smaller.

After the paper was ready, I set it aside so I could paint. (Trust me, you'll want to do this first. Painstakingly edging around the paper would be a drag.) I did the sides and up onto the top, just in case the paper didn't reach all the way to the edge there wouldn't be any cardboard showing through.

I gave the paint a few minutes to dry--it was going onto cardboard so it was quick--and then used rubber cement to stick the paper down. Mod Podge would also work, but I actually still haven't found mine from the move. It's here somewhere...

Rubber cement dries quickly, too, so in a few minutes I was done!

I'm definitely making more of these. It was fun and relatively mindless work, which means I could do it while watching Real Housewives of New Jersey. I mean Jeopardy. No, that's a lie, I watch crap when I work. Yesterday it was a marathon of Teen Mom.

Anyway! Have you made anything new lately? Ever used these cardboard letters?

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Monday, September 24, 2012


I thought it would never happen. I thought we would wander the earth for eternity, searching fruitlessly for dining room chairs. We found several contenders, but there was always some horrible flaw: slightly uncomfortable, wood didn't match the table, were $400 each(!), etc.


A week ago Saturday I reached my breaking point and said, dammit, today we buy chairs! We hit up a store we hadn't heard of before (for my locals, it's Dania in Lombard) all because of a flier in the paper. Old fashioned marketing, but it worked! The whole store had a lot of classic, simple pieces, so we'll definitely be back. I actually think the name is a play on Danish style, because it really felt Scandinavian up in there. In a good way.

But let's meet the chairs! Here's a view from the front and a close up of the fabric, which will be super for hiding dirt. The color is called Sage:

They're a little less sha-zam! than we were originally going for, but in the end I think that was a good move because they let the table be the star. And really, with something that big, it kind of needs to have the spotlight.

In other dining room news, that console we just bought for the basement won't be going down there anytime soon. We think it'll be our new bar instead:

One more look at the chairs!

Okay, I'm done. For now.

How was your weekend?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pinterest #34

It's Friiiidaaaaaay! And there's more cause for excitement than usual because my sister is coming to visit! She's going to see the house, we're going to eat most of our meals in restaurants, and we might do some antiquing. But in the meantime, let me put off cleaning the house some more so I can show you my Pinterest Picks.

I actually pinned these on two separate occasions, so that must mean they're extra cool. Printable letters for making your own typography artwork:

When I do shows, I just stack my business cards on the table. Maybe I should get something cute like this to corral them, while also making them stand out:

Pretty lace dress alert! You can never look at too many of these, as far as I'm concerned:

Here's a fun idea for making over basic cardboard letters from the craft store. I've had one of these sitting around naked in my studio forever, and now I have a plan for it:

And finally, how about this '90s blonde oak transformation? This tutorial does require a long drying time, but you don't have to sand off all of the finish before you stain, so I'd say it's a trade-off. Either way, great results:

What are you up to this weekend? Anybody else having an out-of-town visitor?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

What's Your Design Style?

I've taken many a design style quiz in my day, so naturally when HomeGoods released a new one, I was all over that business.

All you do is look at a group of pictures and click on five that appeal to you. No questions about your favorite pair of jeans or where you want to retire, which, for me, never has anything to do with how my house looks. This one is very easy: look at some pretty stuff and click on it.

I took it a handful of times just for fun and got the same result over and over:

My other "and a touch" category was Classic. But the main one was always the same.

At first I was like, "Farmhouse Glam?! Have I even been to a farm?" (The answer is yes, about four times in my whole life.) But then I scrolled down and saw what this actually meant and HELLO:

It's like looking at the home decor version of my jewelry line! Weird! But apparently I like what I like. After I mulled this over for a few minutes I realized that despite being a little girlier than what I actually live in, this style covers my basic design rules: things needs to be simple and functional for the sake of organization, comfortable enough to relax in, and also pretty to look at. It all fits. So now when a professor asks me to describe my personal style for the 500th time, I'm totally saying Farmhouse Glam.

By the way, Hubsey took the quiz too. He's in the Urban Funk category, which did not surprise:

I know these two look a bit jarring next to each other, but I see some similarities. Both have metallics and bold typography, which are things we both love in real life. That orange, though. Yikes.

Have you taken the Stylescope quiz? What category are you? Were you surprised? Know of any other good quizzes I can take while I avoid washing the dishes?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Console

Boo ya!

Say hello to my new console. She has nice legs and a lot of storage.

She needs a bit of a makeover, though.

Once she has her new outfit, she'll live behind the sofa. My goal is to have that done before our housewarming par-tay on the 30th, but we'll see.

Have you ever bought anything off of Craigslist? Or sold? Painted any furniture recently?

Monday, September 17, 2012

What I Wore: Sheer Genius

I have to say, one of my favorite things about the new house is all of the full-length mirrors we inherited. Easy outfit documenting for the win!

I remember in the old days, I'd have to set the timer on my camera and run to the other side of the room. And then repeat 37 times to get a good shot. But no more! All of this extra time is liberating.

blouse: Nordstrom
jeans: Forever 21 (how's that for high and low in the same outfit?)
shoes: Target

This shirt is new. I was going through my dresser a couple of weeks ago and re-confirmed that 95% of my tops are t-shirts or sweaters, which should not surprise anyone. I've been meaning to get more blouses for a long time, so I finally just did it. They've been surprisingly versatile, too. I wore this one to Lowe's, then to eat hot dogs, and then to visit Hubsey's grandparents. Note: this color hides ketchup very well.

Bonus: I love that little pocket.

You may remember my loafer/smoking slipper hybrids. They got a lot of action last week. If you're considering them, I can't say enough good things.

Have you been busting out your fall duds? Or finding any new pieces? Or getting caught in a ketchup crossfire because there was an air bubble in the pump? Do you have a favorite spot for taking outfit pictures?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pinterest #33

Whew! Another jam-packed week! I'm only taking two classes right now, but when something is due in both of them back-to-back, I get thrown off my game. I'm behind with just about everything else now and today will be a lot of playing catch up. But first, I have some things from Pinterest you'll enjoy.

Longtime readers will know I don't carve pumpkins. The mess... I cannot. So I usually end up leaving them naked, but this year I might go the extra mile and paint them matte black. What makes it for me is that they covered the stem. too:

If I were famous and had all sorts of fancy things to attend, I would wear Elie Saab whenever possible. Every season, it's all gorgeous.

One of my favorite boards to follow is all restyled movie posters. I get really excited every time the guy adds more, and I always think of where I could put them in the house. This one here is for Dark Knight Rises (family room):

I literally smacked myself on the forehead for this one. Reverse chocolate-covered strawberries! Put the messy chocolate on the inside instead of letting it flake off all over your shirt! Duh.

This is a portrait of a woman by Raphael from 1506. And she's holding a unicorn! I've decided this is proof that they really did exist. Smaller than I expected, though.

And finally, this print struck a chord with me. Before I started my jewelry biz, I was really unhappy in my professional life and I'm so glad that I decided to do something about it. Yeah, it was a slow process to expand and start making actual money, but working toward something I wanted was much more effective than just wasting my time being miserable.

So if there's something else you'd rather be doing: go do it. You won't want to look back in regret.

And on that note, I need to pack some orders and go to the post office! What do you have on tap for today? Anything fun planned this weekend? We're relaxing and perhaps doing some painting. More on that later.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Walk Around Town

It was gorgeous yesterday! Sunshine, a slight breeze, temperatures in the upper 70s... My kind of weather. I had to go to the post office, so I used that as an excuse to hit our little downtown area for a stroll. The idea was to do some reading for class outside, but as you can see, I distracted myself with picture-taking.

Here's one of three covered bridges along what's called the Riverwalk.

We took our wedding pictures here and it's still one of my favorite spots, especially when empty.

This part is fairly landscaped, with lots of stonework and little seating areas.

But if you go over the middle bridge--look out! Some real nature in the city.

Closer to the street, it turns into more of a manicured park with several sculptures. (There is also a Dick Tracy statue, which I forgot to photograph. My bad.)

While I was wandering around taking pictures on my iPhone, which I find myself doing more and more, I realized it might be time to upgrade my "real" camera. Now that I have Photoshop and other picture apps on my phone, my poor Canon PowerShot seems extra lame. I only use it for product shots these days, and those are getting iffy.  Its little brain gets tired when I try to do anything manually. And heaven forbid I need to change the exposure.

So I need to know: what kind of camera do you use? What do you like about it? How hard was it to learn? Any brands/models to avoid? I might be willing to shell out the beans for a DSLR, but I need some recommendations on which one. Any advice would be awesome.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Bought It: Fall Flats

Now that my spending freeze is over, I'm game for any sort of clothes-buying. My show on Saturday was GREAT (my third highest one-day total of all time), so I decided to reward myself some new shoesies from Target:

I remember first seeing them over the summer and regretting my no shopping experiment. Of course, they sold out at my usual location while I waited, but we just so happened to stop at a different store on the way home from the show. That happy place not only had the color I wanted, but they were 50% off--meaning these were only $9.98.

For the record, you can still get some of the colors online, but they're full price. Scandalous!

These are a little more "real grownup" than what I usually wear, which seems to be part of a new pattern. I was also looking through a Land's End catalog the other day and I thought a lot of it was awesome. As in, I dog-eared several items and might ask for them for Christmas. So I don't know if that means I'm getting old, or if Land's End is cool now.

Either way, I have some dope new shoes. Are you into this new loafer trend? I wasn't until I saw these. Love the tassels. And the poppies. Are you getting any new shoes for fall? If you're at Target, I recommend you try these on!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Show Prep: Fall Edition

After giving myself a pass for the hottest months of the year (and heavens were they), I'm doing my first show of the fall/holiday season tomorrow. For my local folks, it's the Three French Hens market in Morris. If you haven't been, there are about 100 vendors selling a combination of handmade and vintage items, plus a lot of local food. I'm biased, obviously, but I think it's worth the hike. To get ready this week, I've been holed up in my office making jewelry for several hours a day.

Most of what I sell at this show falls into the Oh Nostalgia category, but I always set up a little corner of my table with wedding items, too. You'll have to pardon the weird pictures for some of these; I still haven't found a good spot/time of day for photographing rhinestones in this house.

So that's the haps for this weekend. What are you up to? Anybody else prepping for a show? Happy weekend!