Wednesday, June 26, 2013

4th of July Party!

People, how are we already so close to the 4th of July? I'm not prepared for this at all. My brain still thinks it should be the middle of spring. (Which, in terms of weather, has been spring-ish and rainy until very recently, so I guess that's legit.) I kept seeing stars and stripes at Target, but it didn't register because stores always put stuff out too early. Like Christmas before Halloween. However, I would say that the week before a holiday is a good time to get rolling, especially if you plan to have people over. Here are some fun ideas to jazz up your party space:

USA Cookies - I think one of the easiest ways to decorate is with food. You're going to serve it anyway, so why not make it part of the theme? ($18.50/dozen)

Patriotic Coasters - These are made from ceramic tiles and can be used indoors or out. Plus, I like that retro pattern. ($20)

Star Garland - I can see this against the side of a house, making a cute photo background. ($12)

Food Display - This image is actually for a printable party set, which is such a fun idea, but I liked the food arrangement, too. The old fashioned Coke bottles in the front are my favorite. ($35)

Pop Corn Cups - Ah, these are the cutest things ever. ($8)

Blue Luggage - It might not be a traditional 4th of July decoration, but this vintage suitcase could be handy for holding cups and paper plates. And then when the party's over, you can use it for storage. ($50)

Don't forget to check your house for red, white, and blue stuff you might already have laying around. That's how I do 80% of my seasonal decorating: look for stuff I forgot about. Are you having people over for the 4th? What's your favorite thing to bust out for a party? I make a mean cheese plate, if I do say so myself.

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  1. Those popcorn cups are so perfect for the 4th. And I really like that color blue on that suitcase.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  2. I'm liking that display with the coke bottles! Cute idea for the suitcase!
    Happy Fourth!

  3. Those USA cookies are so cute! I should probably pick something up to decorate the house, it just totally slipped my mind!

  4. Those cookies are too cute! My sweet tooth is hungry!!!
    The only party we'll be attending is on the river :) Our boar is red and Jesse's brother's is blue and white!

  5. I spy those patriotic pops, I totally need to get some of those for 4th of July! So many fun ideas here! xo!

  6. I'm not prepared for the 4th of July yet either. How is June almost over already? We usually have some friends over and then watch the fireworks from the Wisconsin state fair park.

  7. I love that piece of luggage! I have absolutely no 4th plans. It will be our first real day of vacation so I think we're just going to see how it goes!

  8. This is the seventh 4th of July that Robbie and I have been together and the first that he'll actually be home (just for the day, but still!), so I'm actually really excited about it this year. Love the star garland. Also, I wish it felt more like summer here. The sun needs to make more of a permanent appearance.

  9. great ideas for decorations! My hubby and I are actually having a party (neighborhood wine tasting) on July 3rd. For some weird reason, it didn't occur to me to decorate for the 4th.

  10. great ideas for decorations! My hubby and I are actually having a party (neighborhood wine tasting) on July 3rd. For some weird reason, it didn't occur to me to decorate for the 4th.

  11. Loving those cookies. nom nom nom. I have no plans for July 4th besides putting my baby bro on the train in the morning. I'll probably doing homework as usual.