Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shop Your House

One thing we didn't do when sprucing up the basement was leave room in the budget for new accessories. I picked up two IKEA pillows for the couch and a spontaneous $5 rhinoceros, but that's it. Most of our Benjamins went into the floor and area rug--which is totally fine with me because I could stare them all day--but once we started putting the room back together, I realized we needed stuff for all of those shelves.

I couldn't go to the store, but luckily I'm turning into a hoarder and was able to do the next best thing: I shopped my house. Basically, I wandered around and dug out accessories from other rooms/closets/the credenza that would look good in the basement. We have a serious art-buying habit, and I'm that weird person who buys vintage dishes at GoodWill every other second, so we actually had a lot of great stuff that wasn't even displayed yet.

Literally, everything except the aforementioned rhino and couch pillows we already had in the house. And no, none of our other rooms are naked and sad now. About half of the knickknacks were already down here, mostly on the Expedit. It was those built-ins that needed some lovin'.

Here are some basic guidelines for doing the same thing in your house, because it really was fun and I think you should give it a shot:

>> Switch items from two different rooms. You might be surprised how well things like pillows can mix-and-match.

>> Display an item differently. We used to have a group of pictures on the wall downstairs, and now most of them are on the shelves. We'll hang some of our other artwork where they used to be.

>> Decorate with books and magazines. A few stacks of these are an easy way to add color. National Geographic is a favorite, plus some of them are fun to re-read.

>> Don't forget the kitchen. Nobody uses all of their dishes at once, so grab a few for easy organizing in the living room, or as a jewelry-holder next to your bed.

>> Frame a page from a book. You can also do this with a magazine or a calendar.

Have you ever done this? What's your favorite thing to switch up in a room? Do you also own an amount of decor items that rivals the inventory of an actual store? I probably don't need to buy anything until 2015.


  1. I love how you add little pops of color everywhere :) The blues really look great against your white built in!

  2. I love changing the pillows for a new look! Yours look great!
    The most expensive thing in my new studio were the windows! Luckily I had some decorations from years ago stored away. They just needed a good dusting and now look like new :)

  3. The basement looks great! I love the colors. Thanks for all of the decoration tips. I need to switch things up around here more often.

  4. I love your space, it really looks so cozy :)

    That said, I totally agree with shopping your own house! Sometimes we keep things in a certain room and on a certain shelf because we've always seen them there (we placed them there and we bought them in purpose to be placed there), and one day, for whatever reason, we move them somewhere else and bam! We discover that they look awesome there. This happened to me the last time we painted: I forced myself to place things in a different way, and I was surprised with the result!

  5. Your space looks fantastic! Such great tips for shopping your house. I do shop my house all the time, but I don't really have the eye for accessorizing my space.
    Everyday Inspired

  6. The basement really looks flippin' fantastic. You did a great job.

    We did the same thing with our house- we managed to redo the whole thing but forgot the whole "decorating" part. So we found stuff that we had never unboxed, moved pictures around, and of course we had the dump for freebies, and we love the results. It is fun to move stuff around, and you know I have totally used the book-pile-as-decor thing.

  7. Wow, looks great. We have a similar floor on our first floor. I try to move tsotchkes seasonally.

  8. I like to change things up all the time, and many of our accessories have come from goodwill and yard sales. Nothing wrong with splurging on the good stuff and being frugal on the rest! ;)

  9. I'm tellin' ya -- HGTV needs you for Design on a Dime!

  10. Great tips! I tend to put extra knick knacks into boxes when I redecorate - this is a great reminder to go through them and maybe mix things up. :)

  11. Lovely tips, I do switch items that are in different rooms. I like the idea of framing a bookpage. And your clock. That clock rocks!