Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY Gold Accent Tray

Cute isn't a word I use a lot to describe decor projects in Casa Ronchetti, but I think it works here:

Just a li'l peek of gold! Aaaah! CUTE.

I like metallic finishes, and gold is about to have a big renaissance, but for a casual house like ours it's possible to have too much of a good thing. This is just the right amount to be fun for people who notice it. Obviously, you can bust out more of the glitzy paint if your digs are on the fancier side, but I took it easy this time. Maybe I'll turn up the volume if our next house is an old Victorian...

Anyway! This is another tally for the easy column. Active work time is only about 15 minutes and the materials list is ridiculously short:

>> wooden tray (mine is from Michael's but JoAnn has them, too)
>> white spray paint
>> gold craft paint
>> small paint brush

Not pictured: the tray, but obviously you need that.

First you spray paint the whole tray, then choose an accent point (I did the handles) and add some gold craft paint with a brush. You can tape off the edges if you want, but I just freehanded mine. A word to the wise, however: spray painting in the winter is kind of a pain, so I wouldn't attempt a project larger than this until it's closer to 50 degrees. It's hard to find a warm place for things to dry without getting fumes in the house.

You can use a little tray like this for a lot of things. Maybe as a jewelry zone on your dresser, a place to put cupcakes during a party, or a spot to drop your keys and cell phone when you come in the door.

As for what I'm doing with mine...

It's the remote control. Ha! Puns. It's a big technology pow-wow in the family room, with the TV, all of the video games, the projector screen... and Hubsey's weird disorder that causes him to leave the remotes all over the room. But now they have a little home and people don't sit on them anymore. Everybody wins!

Have you decorated a tray before? How do you wrangle your remotes? Are you getting into the gold accent trend?


  1. I'm starting to love anything gold. We don't have a remote control battle here because Ryan doesn't usually watch TV. I usually keep the remotes on the sofa and hope that I don't lose them.

  2. I am a big fan of white and gold together. I am also a fan of trays. So naturally I love this project. It looks great! I have a lot of pops of gold in my decor. It's my favorite metallic lately.

  3. So awesome! haha...remote control. Our remotes generally slide down behind couch cushions when they have gone missing...otherwise, they are thrown onto the coffee table infront of the tv. There are some upsides to living in small spaces...not too many places missing objects can go!

  4. Great project. And you're right...great for so many things! The gold accents look great with the white.
    We're pretty uptown around here and use TV trays, so the remotes sit on the TV tray :)

  5. White and gold look so chic together! I have no idea where to remote of my dvd player is, it's been MIA for months. I live in a tiny apartment, so it's a big mystery where it is....

  6. I love subtle pops of metallics, so this one is a win for me! And a place for everything, and everything in it's place... double win. :)

  7. I love this! Our remotes are kept in this little spinning cube thing, I guess it does the trick but your idea is cuter - nothing wrong with "cute"! :)

  8. It's very cute indeed! I love metallic accents so i have pops of gold and silver at home, and had done some diys in that. Believe it or not, i put my remotes in tray too ha :)

  9. awww, I love your new accent tray Paige. Love the peek of gold. :)

  10. Definitely cute!
    The remotes live in the TV cabinet in our house!