Monday, January 20, 2014

Life Lately

It's another long weekend for those of us who are Stateside, so hopefully you're enjoying a day away from the office. I thought this would be a good time to give you a quick life recap--and also remind you that there's no mail today, because I'm stoked that I actually remembered. Lately I've been covering all sorts of house-y goodness around here (and there's actually another project on deck for tomorrow) but that's not ALL I've been up to. Here are some highlights from the last month or so, courtesy of my diary... which is named Instagram.

>> December was a great month for necklaces. The anchor was a birthday present and I got the moonstone for Christmas. I've been wearing them together like that most days.

>> The weather here has been pretty terrible, as you might have guessed from the snow mountain around the mailbox. It got warm enough for everything to melt last week, but then we were cursed with more over the weekend. #noescape

>> Hubsey wanted me to show you his mad multi-tasking skillz. Yer a wizard, Harry!

>> I'm trying out some new decor on top of the piano in the dining room. The jury is still out, but I think we're getting warmer. And since so many people ask about them, the plant and white pot are both from IKEA.

>> I made a cake! Some friends has us over for New Year's and I was told to bring appetizers and a dessert. Go big or go home, right?

>> This is my fancy lady dress that I busted out for some holiday shenanigans. Have I told you about this one? I bought it in California over the summer, and aside from my wedding dress, it's the most expensive thing I've ever worn. It was $250, which is not totally insane for a classic piece I can have for years, but still WAY more than I normally shell out for anything. I almost didn't get it, but since I've already worn it three times, I'm glad we pulled the trigger. Sometimes a high quality item is just worth it.

>> I've been eyeballing this chair at IKEA for about a year. First they only offered it in gray, then they came out with navy blue, and now they have this great persimmon color. I want this for the basement, since nobody except ME gets excited about sitting in the fake Eames chair...

>> Hey, spray paint. I've really missed you. Let's reunite again when the weather is being more cooperative, m'kay? It's been hard to use you in the garage.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Before this blog, I visited Melissa's, which was full of chocolate goodies, and now this cake? I think the universe is telling me to go to the supermarket and find myself something chocolate-y!

  2. Great looks awesome on you! And that cake looks pretty awesome too :)
    Bummed about no mail today...but it's for such a great day.

  3. The cake looks pretty and so does the dress. I don't think I've ever purchased a piece of clothing worth 250 dollars not even my prom dress. I don't think my wedding dress will come out to that much either.

  4. Every once in a while you have to make a splurge purchase like that dress. I'm pretty sure I haven't ever done it with clothing (my wedding dress was $150), but I've done it several times with shoes. We were slated to go see the Nutcracker our first winter in Baltimore, and we decided to go all out and get gussied up. I bought a really pretty and simple dress at Gap that just happened to be on sale and only in my size. However, the shoes? I had nothing that matched until I found a pair of $200 leather pewter wedges that were perfect. Luckily Andrew conceded and I still have them-- so versatile and worth it! Since, I've made a few other expensive shoe purchases (mostly really nice boots, a pair of hot pink Michael Kors mid heels, and the Kate Spade sandals I got for our wedding) and I have never regretted it. Sometimes you just need to make those staple purchases. I mean, if they are classic, they will never go out of style!

  5. Your necklace are beautiful. Holy snow! We have been pretty lucky in MA this year. We had 1 storm that was 2 feet but then the temps warmed up right after that. The other storms have been minor. The weather has actually been quite strange! Oh, the cake looks delicious. That dress looks well worth the $250. A black dress is definitely something all us ladies should splurge on.

  6. I like the combination of necklaces! Yum, chocolate cake :)
    The dress is gorgeous and well worth the money! I hope all that white stuff disappears soon!!!

  7. I love the mix of photos here. I'm jealous that all of your snow melted before you got more. We are a long way away from being snow free up here. Love the dress! I think that it was definitely worth the investment.

  8. I love the decor over your piano, it's gorgeous together, and that dress!

  9. I love your dress, its beautiful. When you find a good piece it's always worth the money if you know you are going to be able to wear for years. I love the accessories you have on top of your piano, it's a great collection. I think the snow is going to be around for awhile, another cold week is coming our way.
    Everyday Inspired

  10. That looks like a very professional level of multi-tasking! Wow.

  11. ah, that dress will never ever go out of style. you're good to go and gorgeous.